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A viral video of a fight between a substitute teacher and a student at Rocky Mount High School is making its rounds around social media and people share their opinion on the situation.

Rocky Mount Police are looking into the physical altercation that took place in a classroom of a Rocky Mount high school Monday morning (April 17).

According to WITN, Xaviera Steele, a substitute teacher with Nash County Schools and an unnamed student confronted the teacher about her confiscated cell phone.

The video begins with the student asking, “Why does the rules not apply to everybody else? That’s my phone.”

Steele, replies, “it does apply to everybody.”

“No. You did not keep nobody else phone,” the student said.

At this point, the high school girl attempts to grab the phone from the substitute teacher.

The teacher repeats multiple times “Don’t touch me,” as she brushes the girl away from her physical space.

It then escalates with the two swinging at each other and the substitute teacher ending up on top of the student on the school floor.

Steele has been a substitute teacher with the school system for about a year.

NCPS policy states that “if an employee is attacked by a student, the employee has the right to reasonably restrain the student and defend themselves to the point that they are free of the threat or attack.” As far as cell phone use goes, the policy code notes that “administrators may authorize individual students to use wireless communication devices for personal purposes when there is a reasonable need for such communication.

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