Brett Winterble is back and opens his show with WBT reporter “Breaking” Brett Jensen to talk about the newly acquired Carolina Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield — who recently spoke to the media via zoom. Jensen shared what he believes the Oklahoma product can bring to Carolina + why he thinks the former No. 1 overall […]

The Charlotte City Council got an earful from Latinos last night who were kicked off city property that they were using for an open air flea market. Plus, you’re never wok enough for the Church of Wokism.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed a bill that would help deport violent offenders saying it would make communities less safe. In another veto, he criticized the legislature for trying to make political appointments to an education board… that’s currently appointed by the State Board of Education… which he appoints. He also rejected a grace […]

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper quietly lifts his emergency declaration – one of the last in America to do so. Also, he vetoed legislation that would have required Sheriffs to help federal authorities deport unauthorized immigrants arrested for violent felonies.

In this hour, Transformation Tuesday. Also, the Biden presidency has been filled with gaffes.

In this hour, Joe Biden holds a press conference after the passing of a bipartisan gun bill. Pete Buttigieg comments on the recent protests of Brett Kavanaugh  Also, Charlotte City Council candidate, Kyle Lubke, joins the program.

You’re likely pretty familiar by now with emails from politicians asking you to donate to their campaigns, but today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett talks about the data these politicians use and how it is presented. Recently here at WBT we got very similar emails from Ted Budd and Cheri Beasley who are set […]

We’re celebrating 8 years of Charlotte at Six this week and Mark Garrison begins by revisiting an old story with plenty of relevance today — should you buy used tires? Mark takes you around Charlotte to show you all of the deals around — and which ones you might want to worry about.

Leftists are offering bounties for the locations of US Supreme Court justices, so protesters can harass and stalk the judges. To what end? Plus, a too-perfect-abortion story is a little suspicious.

The maniac who stole four cars and led police on a pursuit through Charlotte for two hours made his first appearance… and cursed out the judge. Plus, the new standard for stalking and harassing political opponents.