US Senate Democratic candidate, BK Maginnis, wants to pack the US Supreme Court and has difficulty saying when in utero human beings obtain rights.

Is Sen. Chuck Schumer the worst tactician in American political history? Why force a vote on unrestricted abortions that was sure to fail while jamming up red state Democrats running for re-election?

In this hour, Lou talks about how the left and right play by different rules. Also, does America really have a race problem?

In this hour, Lou dives into the multitude of issues we are facing as a nation. Plus, can the media be trusted?

Why on earth is Sen. Chuck Schumer forcing his Democratic colleagues to take a vote on an unpopular abortion bill when it’s sure to fail? Plus, US Sen. Thom Tillis joins me to discuss the abortion bill, Ukraine, immigration reform, and his message to Rep. Madison Cawthorn to “Man up”.

The Church of Wokism is corrupting our language and promulgating lies. Plus: progressive prosecutors are lowering the costs of criminal behavior, creating a greater supply of it.

Inflation continues to eat away at Americans’ income. Meanwhile, what’s behind the shortage of baby formula?

In this hour, Chris talks about the recent fallout when it comes to Roe v. Wade. Plus, protestors targeting SCOTUS homes.

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Accusations are going public in the wake of the firing of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Earnest Winston.

Mecklenburg County District Court Judge Michael Stading on his run for NC Court of Appeals. Plus, unaffiliated voters are choosing Republican ballots over Democrat ballots in Early Voting, so far.

President Joe Biden addresses the nation on his “top domestic priority” – inflation. Plus, North Carolina state coffers hit surplus!