Today on the Brett Winterble Show we continue to broadcast from the Charlotte Auto Show on Hero Day with our daily Crossing the Streams segment featuring Good Morning BT host and fellow political junky Bo Thompson to talk about the event and Nancy Pelosi stepping down from the Democratic leadership. Bo and Brett talk about […]

This Thursday is a special edition of the Brett Winterble Show, coming to you on site from the Charlotte Auto Show as they celebrate Hero Day! Brett is joined by Jenn Jackson of the Greater Charlotte Auto Dealers Association to talk about why its so important for the group to honor heroes in our society […]

The North Carolina NAACP wants the state Supreme Court to force the Court of Appeals to expedite its order on voter ID and a state income tax cap before the Democrats lose their 4-3 majority on the high court. Listen Here:

Stephen Wiley is the NC House Republican Caucus Director, where he recruits and helps act as campaign manager for all candidates running for the North Carolina House of Representatives. Wiley says “Republicans dominated statewide elections and grew their majorities in both chambers”: As of this writing, nationally Republicans only won 177 Biden seats in state legislatures, with […]

COVID shots are finally connected to myocarditis, documents at Mar-a-Lago apparently were not taken for nefarious reasons, and the FBI had informants inside the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys before the January 6 riot at the US Capitol. Plus, Tara Palmeri reported ahead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech that the longtime Democratic leader would not seek a leadership post, now that […]

Kevin McCarthy has been appointed to the House Majority Speaker position. What’s next for the GOP after winning the house? Vince discusses recent comments made by former Vice President Mike Pence. Also, Vince reads your texts and takes your calls. Listen Here:

Today on Charlotte at Six Mark is joined by Anna, Boomer and Tommy to talk about the dishes people love to hate every year on Turkey Day.

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett talks about FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried, who he thinks belongs in a 6×8 after his transgressions as the head of the cryptocurrency company. Brett talks about why he thinks the Bankman-Fried belongs behind bars for what he’s done as well as how people like Bankman-Fried harm the average […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett addressed some listeners concerns about dealing with family members you disagree with this Thanksgiving after the midterm election results and talks with a caller about Trump’s run for President in 2024. Brett explains why you shouldn’t avoid your family this holiday season and should “take your medicine,” before […]

Matt Mercer from the North State Journal examines Ted Budd’s “methodical” and “boring” campaign for US Senator in NC. Listen Here: