Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman

Bo and Beth welcome Brett Winterble to the show to discuss the latest news surrounding the 2024 presidential race, the proposed border bill, and the threat that an open border poses to the American people.

WBT News Director Mark Garrison joins Bo, Beth, and Jim for his weekly segment to highlight some of the most filthy restaurants in the Charlotte area.

Tune in here as Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman interview Rep. Jon Hardister — who is running for North Carolina Labor Commissioner — on Good Morning BT! The conversation begins with Rep. Hardister explaining why he decided to run for Labor Commissioner and tells the story of how he came to the decision the position […]

  6:05 Beth’s Song of the day; Joni Mitchell at the Grammys 6:20 Encore: Edgy Beth song 6:35 2024 Grammy Recap 6:50 Business Update; Virtual Reality with Apple Vision Pro   7:05 Continued: Apple Vision Pro release 7:20 Billy Joel Grammy Performance; Backstory on Billy Joel’s new song 7:35 Grammys continued 7:50 Crossing the streams with Brett […]

Listen here to Good Morning BT as we’re joined for our weekly visit with our resident political expert Mick Mulvaney! Bo and Beth start the conversation with Mick by talking about where he stands when it comes to letting his dogs sleep in his bed and what he thought about last night’s Grammy awards before […]

Listen here to the first Crossing the Streams of the week on Good Morning BT! On this Monday edition we’re joined by Brett Winterble to talk about who Republican candidate for President of the United States Donald Trump may choose as his Vice President after he shared a lot of praise for Tim Scott in […]

Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman entire February 2nd show. Listen Here:

Jones Angell, the voice of the Tar Heels, joins Bo, Beth, and Jim Szoke to preview the first tobacco road matchup of the season. Listen Here:

South Carolina Senator Wes Climer joins the show to discuss the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination and why he has put his support behind former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. Listen Here: