Cyber Expert Theresa Payton discusses the standard procedures for protecting communication in the government, as well as the lifespan and disposal of all our portable electronic devices.

Police rounding up troublesome bikers, and an update on Clara’s Army fill out hour one. Jackhammer parents and other parenting styles are discussed in hour two. In hour three, Pat Cotham joins to talk about possible additional toll lanes, Brett Winterble has a reaction to the al-Zawahiri kill, a Prod squad review with Bernie, and […]

Emily Ratliff joins to give an update on Clara’s Army which will have the annual gala on August 6th.

Hour one covers MTV Anniversary, Comments by Pat McCrory on Ted Budd, and a business update. In hour two, George Jetson’s birthday, an apology by Will Smith. and a preview of the Claire’s Army Gala coming this Saturday night. The Panthers, Choco Tacos, Candy Corn and Rick Flair’s last match highlight hour three. Mick Mulveny […]

Mick Mulvaney joins Good Morning BT to discuss his testimony to the January 6th House Committee, explain the process, and the DOJ investigation. He also gives insight on President Biden having covid.

Former US Congressman Robert Pittinger drops by to talk about the death of Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe today. Nick Wilson from WFNZ stops in to talk about the Baker Mayfield trade, and Sean O’Connell of Cinemablend joins to talk about the new movies out this week. In the final hour, John Hancock does […]

Sean O’Connell from Cinemablend joins Good Morning BT to discuss the new movies coming out this week and all things cinema.

Nick Wilson from sister station WFNZ joins to discuss the Baker Mayfield trade, and to announce his future plans.

Today Beth and Bo discuss the car chase on 7-6, followup on the game show discussion, and reaction to the Baker Mayfield trade with Eugene Robinson. Bill Graham joins to review legal issues when private citizens assist the police. And discussion about the resignation of British PM Boris Johnson.