Charlotte at Six

Mark Garrison met an 86-year-old woman who “un-retired.” The result — lots of cavities filled for people in need.    

Today on Charlotte at Six Mark Garrison is joined by WBT food critic TJ Boggs to share the dirtiest restaurants in the Charlotte area, including one place with “no food knowledge” and another with roaches on the wall + what to avoid in the WBT vending machines.  

We’re celebrating 8 years of Charlotte at Six this week and Mark Garrison begins by revisiting an old story with plenty of relevance today — should you buy used tires? Mark takes you around Charlotte to show you all of the deals around — and which ones you might want to worry about.

Mark shares a restaurant who didn’t quite understand how a food thermometer works, and our food critic finds a summer spot with a clever name.

Mark hits “Rewind” on this week’s top stories.

Governor Cooper is putting out the welcome mat for abortions. He is inviting women from all over —- to come to North Carolina to end their pregnancies. But pro-life groups say his executive order is troubling.

President Biden is blaming owners of mom-and-pop gas stations for the historic prices, his latest target in deflecting blame from himself for the crisis. Local station owners had this to say in response: “It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Welcome to another edition of Dirty Restaurant Tuesday and with Mark and TJ finally back together all is right again! This episode includes an “American” deli, some soul food + Mark and TJ taking turns ragging on hospital food.

There are plenty of nice people in Charlotte, and while on vacation Mark Garrison met one of them! Robert Grouix is proof that being a good neighbor truly does make a difference.

Racing legend and Charlotte icon Bruton Smith passed away in his home today. From selling cars in his front yard to building the Charlotte Motor Speedway Mark Garrison sits down with Scott Cooper from the Speedway to reflect on his impact locally and around the country.