Tune in here to this Monday edition of the Brett Winterble Show with Chad Adams filling in!
Chad kicks off the program by talking about Trump’s strong support in North Carolina, he reminisces on NC States’ March Madness runs in the 80’s and his hopes for them this year.
Later in the show Chad discusses President Biden certifying the most important Christian holiday of the year as Transgender awareness day.

We’re joined by Dale Folwell, North Carolina Treasurer and current candidate for Governor of North Carolina joins the show to talk about health insurance and taxes.
We’re also joined by Michele Morrow, Republican candidate for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction, to talk about what gave her the upper hand in her race against the former NC Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt and the impact of Covid on education. Morrow also discusses how she plans to do to bring our kids back up to speed and beyond.
Listen here for all of this and more on The Brett Winterble Show with Chad Adams filling in!