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Tune in here to this ​Wednesday edition of Breaking With Brett Jensen!

Tonight Brett has a one-on-one exclusive sit down interview with Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden to cover everything from political ads to vagrants. Brett and Sheriff McFadden kick tonight’s interview off with a story from earlier today where an inmate saved the life of a corrections officer who was choking.

In the second segment Sheriff McFadden discusses why there have been revisions to the gun permit process, clarifies some political gossip, and why he chooses to, or not to endorse a candidate.

Later in the show Brett and Sheriff McFadden cover juveniles who get caught up in criminal activity, bureaucratic inefficiencies, and more.

To wrap up the show Sheriff McFadden fields questions, comments and concerns from callers who live in Mecklenburg county.

Listen here for all of this and more on Breaking With Brett Jensen.