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Black Lives Matter

Source: Cynthia Bullock / Cynthia Bullock

A South Carolina representative takes aim at ending a dispute with State Treasurer Curtis Loftis.

Chris Hart (D-S.C.) has put together a proposal for all employees at the office of the State Treasurer to answer the phone with the statement “Black Lives Matter.”

According to WPDE, Hart pre-filed a piece of legislation on Dec. 16 and wrote,”This joint resolution takes effect upon approval of the Governor and expires when the Treasurer acknowledges the inappropriateness of the comments he made on Facebook in June 2020 during the Black Lives Matter protest regarding being a second-class citizen.”

Loftis made headlines for comments he posted on Facebook, saying he was “tired of being a second class citizen to anyone screaming mindless chants.” The South Carolina Treasurer was also critical over the state’s handling of COVID-19, saying it was a “weaponized” pandemic.

The comments have since been deleted by Loftis, but were screenshot by SC’s Democratic Party.

A spokesperson for Loftis told WPDE they had no comment on the proposed legislation.