Matt Harris, co-host of podcast is “Impact of Influence” discusses the closing arguments in the double murder trial of disgraced South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh. Listen Here:

Alex Murdaugh’s former law partner, Ronnie Crosby, takes “high offense” when defense attorney Dick Harpootlian suggests that he’s lying under oath because he’s mad at Murdaugh for stealing all that money from the firm and its clients. Listen Here:

The prosecution wants to emphasize to the jury that Alex Murdaugh perfected the art of deception – highlighting the many lies he told in service to financial fraud schemes. But lying about where he was the night his wife and son were murdered might be the most damaging to his defense. Listen Here:

Update on the testimony from the Alex Murdaugh trial. Listen Here:

Vandals have damaged two power substations in Moore County. Leaving many without power. AP News has more on the story:   Two power substations in a North Carolina county were damaged by gunfire in what is being investigated as a criminal act, causing damage that could take days to repair and leaving tens of thousands of […]

Hurricane Ian makes landfall into South Carolina, after ripping through Florida and leaving a trail of death and devastation. From NBC News: At least 12 people have died after Hurricane Ian tore across Florida with such ferocity that President Joe Biden said it could be the deadliest in the state’s history. Speaking after a briefing with Federal […]

Democrat officials in South Carolina are calling for their own nominee for US Senate to withdraw from the race, after a video was published showing her trash-talking her constituents. SC state representative Krystle Matthews won the Democratic primary and is facing incumbent Republican Tim Scott in the general election. But now, according to the Associated […]


A hurricane watch was issued for the Sunshine State's western coast, but it's unknown if Elsa will strengthen before making landfall. The system is not predicted to reach hurricane status for a second time. However, there is some possibility of that happening right before landfall early Wednesday, according to the Weather Channel.


Video of the incident shows the two deputies outside Sutherland's cell trying to remove him for a court hearing. One of them appears to use a taser several times as Sutherland cries out for help on the floor. They also kneeled on his back before he eventually stopped moving. An hour later, Sutherland was pronounced dead, according to officials at the Al Cannon Detention Center.  


According to The Post and Courier, Bobby Paul Edwards, 56, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for forcing John Christopher Smith, 43, to work at J&J Cafeteria in Conway, S.C. over the course of years. Edwards was originally ordered to pay Smith $273,000, but an appellant court overruled that decision.