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Tune in here to this Tuesday’s Crossing The Streams segment!

Beth Troutman from Good Morning BT joins The Brett Winterble Show for today’s Crossing The Streams segment. Brett and Beth talk about Wendy’s new “surge pricing” that will charge customers more during peak hours and less during slower times. They discuss their thoughts on this new policy and how this is a metaphor for capitalism.

This is meant to incentivize people to eat at Wendy’s during their slow hours and profit more from their peak hours. Wendy’s is copying Uber’s strategy where they also charge higher prices during peak hours, which both increases profit and slows demand because of the higher prices.

Beth also shares a sneak peak at what her and Bo have coming up on Good Morning BT.

Listen here for all of this and more from this Tuesday’s Crossing The Streams segment with Brett Winterble and Beth Troutman!