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On this edition of Carolina Focus with Sharon Thorsland and Ed Billick, Susan Sears with Go Jen Go Live joins us to talk about the 12th Annual Run Jen Run event taking place in SouthPark on Saturday, March 9., the history behind this charitable event, and the wonderful benefits of this charity.

Then Dr. Rhett Brown Wingate University President’s interview with WBT’s Brett Winterble at the recent Union County Crime Stoppers BBQ.  Dr Brown shares his valuable insights on today’s higher education and Wingate” University purpose and vision.

Also, Rick the bartender at the Fat Pelican, North Carolina’s Rated No. 1 “dive bar” located in Carolina Beach, and Sabrina Winters – probate and estate attorney discusses how to prepare for your end of life and more importantly what your family will need to have as you make your preparations.