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Tune in here for this Wednesday episode of Crossing the Streams on The Brett Winterble Show with Bo Thompson from Good Morning BT — brought to you by PhD Weight Loss and Nutrition!

Brett and Bo start the conversation by Brett asking Bo if MAGA is a movement or “just a guy trying to get elected.” Bo shares why a divided Republican party is what he thinks of when he hears the phrase + Brett explains why he’s of two minds about the slogan.

They also talk about if they think the prevalence of MAGA in the federal government vs at the state level + theorize about what might happen to it once Trump is no longer able to serve as President.

Then they share their reactions to a piece of audio from recent GOP-race dropout Vivek Ramaswamy calling for his voters to lend their support to Trump + if he’s the possible next up to take up the MAGA mantle.

Finally they close the segment by talking about a reporter asking Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles if preparing his team to play in frigid temperatures despite Detroit having an indoor stadium.