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Tune in here to this Tuesday edition of the Brett Winterble Show!
Brett kicks off the program by talking about the migrant situation at the United States southern border and why he thinks the Democrats benefit from it + Senator Rick Scott “swatting” him.
Later Brett shares an update from the battle in Colorado to keep former President Donald Trump off of the ballot + shares a horrifying attack on Christmas Day in New York City.

Then Brett and producer Tommy Fradenburg debate about if they’d rather have the power of invisibility or have the ability to be anyplace at any time and the entrepreneurial spirit of Gen Z.
In the second half of the show Brett talks about how to get more freedom for the people in 2024 + talks about the Biden administration “campaign against your home appliances,” and about how the United States Marine Corps is getting prepared to take on the Chinese.
We close out the show talking about the crazy costs people are willing to pay in order to spend New Year’s Eve in Time’s Square.