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Listen here as Breaking Brett Jensen joins The Brett Winterble Show to talk about big fights over the weekend at two different high school football games.

Brett Jensen starts by talking about the first fight, which began during the game with two non-student females at Harding University High School that escalated to an all-out brawl involving students, parents and even the principal before law enforcement got involved and made multiple arrests.

The other fight happened between adults at West Charlotte High School that was smaller, but still ended with multiple arrests.

Brett Winterble asks about what he thinks will be the final outcome legally for the people involved before discussing the rising trend of fights already this year at multiple Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools + they discuss possible solutions.

To see footage of the video of the fight at Harding University High School, check out Brett Jensen’s Twitter page @Brett_Jensen, and tune into Breaking with Brett Jensen tonight from 7-8 on WBT for more information.