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Get your week started with this Monday edition of The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett starts his program off with a discussion about “woke-ness,” in the United States military as well as the mysterious matter of the lost F-35 plane near Charlotte + why he thinks there is a certain “tolerance of theft,” in society today.

We’re also joined by our expert on Chinese affairs and friend of the program Gordon Chang to talk about  the United Nations meeting upcoming in New York City, including those who are going to be noticeably absent in Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Gordon explains some of the problems facing the United States as well as the United Nations ahead of the meetings.

In the third hour we’re joined by Bo Thompson for the week’s first edition of Crossing the Streams to talk about the Carolina Panthers playing on an experimental version of Monday Night Football against the New Orleans Saints. Bo explains why he is selfishly happy with the kick time of around 7:00 + he and Brett talk about just how far they think schedule experimentation in the NFL will go.