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Tune in here to this Hump Day edition of The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett starts the show by talking about what he thinks the reason is for the United States making a deal for a prisoner swap with Iran + who Brett thinks is really calling the shots at the White House.


In the first hour we’re joined by Charlie Crull from Cruise and Tours to talk about Brett’s upcoming trip to Scotland and Ireland with WBT listeners that could include you!

If you want to learn more about the trip including how to join follow the link here!

The Coach Matt Doherty is back in studio starting in the second hour, and he and Brett dive into everything from the devastating Aaron Rogers injury to why part of being a good leader is being a good actor + Brett Jensen joins to talk about an event involving four North Carolina gubernatorial candidates today.

Finally we’re joined by Bo Thompson of Good Morning BT to talk with Brett and Coach about Colorado head football coach Deion Sanders and how he’s turning the program there around + share thoughts about how Sanders said he hires his assistant coaches.