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Tune in here to a special election night edition of Breaking with Brett Jensen on WBT!

Coming to you from Mayor Vi Lyles’ election headquarters, we start the program with an interview with Mark Harris, who has announced he’s running for the 8th district seat in congress. Brett talks with Harris about his motivation for running + how Harris plans on addressing his baggage involving election fraud and how he thinks it will impact his campaign.

Brett then dives into Lyles’ surprise endorsement of political new-come Will Russell instead of the incumbent Renee Johnson in the Democratic primary for City Council as well as the underwhelming turnout for voters in this primary election.

Also live from Lyles’ headquarters at Armored Cow Brewing Brett discusses the location choice for the party + the 5th anniversary of Brett’s first assignment for WBT as a reporter.

We also take a look at a disappointing Week 1 performance for Bryce Young and the Carolina Panthers after they lost to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.