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Tune in here for the final Breaking with Brett Jensen of the week!

Brett starts the show by talking with WBT News’ Scott Hamilton about new driverless electric vans being tested at UNCC. Scott shares some of the details of how they’re being implemented + what people at the school think about them.

He also talks about recreational marijuana possibly becoming legal in part of North Carolina.

In the second half of the show Brett shares audio from Carolina Panthers rookie quarterback Bryce Young’s press availability ahead of his NFL debut this week against the Atlanta Falcons. Bryce talks about the emotions he is feeling as he approaches his first real snaps in the NFL and starting as a rookie + shares some of his pregame rituals.

Brett also shares his thoughts on the franchise apparently finding some stability after the dark days of the Matt Rhule era + why he thinks playing the Falcons is a good opponent for Young’s first taste of regular season action.