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Get your weekend started with this Friday edition of The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett starts the show by explaining why he forgives those who voted for Joe Biden for President before Breaking Brett Jensen drops by the program to talk about the Carolina Panthers and coming debut of 2023 top overall draft pick Bryce Young this Sunday in Atlanta. Brett and Brett talk about what to expect from Young and the new regime under Frank Reich.

Later on Brett Winterble talks about Nancy Pelosi announcing her plans to run for Congress once again + the Biden administration thinking about forcing migrants to who cross the border to remain in Texas as governor Greg Abbott continues to send them to cities like New York and Chicago.

Finally we’re joined by Bo Thompson for the final Crossing The Streams of the week!

Brett and Bo talk about the “Chip Challenge,” that Good Morning BT helped spread the word about this morning + people other than Trump who could be in trouble in Georgia.