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Welcome to this Thursday edition of The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett starts the show by talking about how controversial billionaire Elon Musk stopped nuclear war. He also talks about the state of the Republican ticket as we continue to gear up for the 2024 Presidential election + shares his thoughts on New York City Mayor Eric Adams addressing the immigrant situation in NYC and new EPA standards for the trucking industry.

Beth Troutman also makes her long-awaited return to Crossing The Streams on The Brett Winterble Show! Brett and Beth talk about Bill Gates saying he’s going to buy stock in Budweiser. Beth tries to look into the mind of someone with as much money as Gates has + explains why she thinks it could also be his attempt to make a political statement. They also talk about GOP Presidential candidate Nikki Haley, who recently bragged about never losing an election and how she’s planning to keep that streak alive.