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Happy Hump Day from The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett gets things started by talking about why it is important for someone who dreams of the Presidency should also have a plan for the job + why he thinks Vice President Kamala Harris needs to speak up to President Joe Biden and the disaster that is this year’s Burning Man festival.

The Coach Matt Doherty is back in the studio and he and Brett compare political polling to the preseason college basketball rankings as well as the reason for sky-high college educations and student loan forgiveness + the value of going to community college, especially in North Carolina.

We’re also joined once again by Bo Thompson for Crossing the Streams. The Coach and Bo share their thoughts on the state of college sports with conference realignments + talk about why they are impressed with what Deion Sanders proved after upsetting TCU this weekend. They also how it can be difficult for players or programs not to get ahead of themselves after single victories and losing sight of the big picture.

In the final hour of the show we’re joined by Dr. Bruce Bechtol once again to talk about North Korea’s involvement in the war in Ukraine.