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Tune in here for this Thursday edition of Crossing the Streams on The Brett Winterble Show with Good Morning BT host Beth Troutman!

Beth and Brett start off the conversation by talking about the passing of legendary WBTV journalist Steve Crump, who died today after a year’s long battle with cancer.

Brett and Beth talk about Steve’s qualities both on and off the camera + the impact that his story telling had on those around him and why the world could do with a few more Steve Crumps. Beth also talks about how her own personal experience with loved ones and cancer gave her extra appreciation for the time she was able to spend around Steve + what the grief in the community today means about Steve’s place in the community.

Brett also speaks on why he thinks truly great story tellers are especially gifted + Beth shares how he was able to make difficult stories palatable for everyone and why Steve’s stories stuck with people.