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Tune in here for Thursday’s episode of The Brett Winterble Show.

Brett starts the show off by talking about the rising poll numbers for GOP Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy sharing his thoughts on the North Carolina legislature overriding vetoes from Governor Roy Cooper.

Brett also tells the story of a Chicago man terrorizing his neighborhood thanks to a loophole in a Chicago public indecency law. Brett shares the accounts of disturbed neighbors who share different examples of his disturbing behavior as well as kept track of just how often the man has subjected citizens to his naked body + why the city has not been able to do anything about the man despite his harassing behavior.

We’re joined by economist Stephen Moore of The Committee to Unleash Prosperity to talk about Bidenomics, inflation and other matters to do with the American economy today.

Beth Troutman is back for another edition of Crossing The Streams and she and Brett talk about yesterday’s special in-studio episode + Brett shares how he was able to avoid giving up a secret everyone else shared and the James Webb Telescope.