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On this Wednesday edition of Breaking with Brett Jensen we’re joined for the first time in a while by Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden.

Brett and Sheriff McFadden start the show talking about how a former jail in Huntersville was repurposed this summer that provided a summer camp experience to kids who wouldn’t have one otherwise.

The Sheriff also shares an update on the biggest priorities facing his department right now including the mental health crisis and gun violence + well as some of the fashion tastes he’s developed visiting other sheriff’s in Texas and what he’s been occupying his free time with.

Brett also asks for an update on the hot button issues of concealed carrying permits for guns as well as his dealings with I.C.E. + what it is like working with other sheriffs when you’re on other sides of the political spectrum.

Finally Brett and Sheriff McFadden bond over a mutually interesting hobby and what they’ve learned from it.