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Happy Tuesday from The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett kicks off the program by talking about incandescent light bulbs leaving the market and why he doesn’t like the LED bulbs.

We’re also joined by Breaking Brett Jensen who talks about North Carolina’s rising population and how the state is for business and talk about Governor Roy Cooper’s event celebrating the ranking at CPCC as well as community colleges in the state.

We’re joined by conservative commentator John Ashbrook to talk about the legal controversy surrounding the Biden family following the Devin Archer testimony.

Finally Beth Troutman from Good Morning BT is back for Crossing the Streams to talk about how much media outlets talk about former President Donald Trump and what they think it says about the state of the media today and how it impacts the way they prepare for work + look ahead to a Wednesday edition of Good Morning BT.

Brett also announces next year’s international destination that you can travel with him to + Brett reacts to the breaking news about Trump’s latest indictment.