Get your weekend started with The Brett Winterble show on WBT Radio!

We get the program started with our weekly Friday Hangover with fellow host Pete Kaliner as they talk about Biden denying Secret Service protection to RFK Jr. as he challenges the President for the job in 2024 + their reactions to the UFO hearings in congress this week.

Brett also talks about federal funding for schools with hunting programs + more about information coming to light about the Biden’s involvement with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma and Elon Musk’s daily doughnut routine.

Later we’re joined by Bo Thompson of Good Morning BT for the final Crossing the Streams of this week. Bo and Brett talk about the historic heat wave we’re experiencing right now + how it can make it impossible to cool off even if you’re at the beach or in the pool and a new experience Bo had with hot sand at a South Carolina beach.