Happy Tuesday from The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett gets the program started by sharing his thoughts on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene arguing to impeach President Joe Biden + takes your calls on the situation before talking more about the story of a Georgia Lowe’s employee who was fired for attempting to stop people shoplifting from the store.

Brett also talks about another example of “tinkerers,” in government and the Biden administrations latest approach to a household appliance + asks callers to share who (other than Trump) they’d like to see as the GOP nominee for President after Mitt Romney asked some candidates to drop out of the race.

In the 5:00 hour Beth Troutman returns to the show for today’s edition of Crossing the Streams! She talks with Brett about News and Brews coming up tomorrow and seeing “Barbenheimer” this weekend + preview to the Wednesday edition of Good Morning BT coming up tomorrow.