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Listen here to another edition of Crossing The Streams on The Brett Winterble Show on WBT!

Today we’re joined by Beth Troutman from Good Morning BT to talk about tomorrow’s News and Brews event at Heist Brewery at Barrel Arts! They talk about how this (second) rendition of the event will be slightly different from the first one + how the camaraderie around the station makes extra curricular events like it fun.

Beth also talks about her experience seeing both “Oppenheimer,” and “Barbie,” movies over the weekend and the important benchmark these blockbuster films might mark in the post-Covid era + why she thinks such vastly different movies are garnering so much attention and praise.

Finally Brett and Beth talk about another movie that has had much less success at the box-office, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” + what the publics response to yet another sequel could indicate about how American’s feel about what has dominated the cinema scene in recent years.