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Welcome to this Tuesday edition of The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett starts the show talking about the miserable weather due to heat and wildfire smoke across the United States + an argument he heard about it being “too hot to work,” and the idea of a “Sun Day” before taking your calls on the topic.


We also have a conversation about military recruitment issues with a caller as well as The White House touting the success of Bidenomics + Ask Brett Anything segment as a caller asks Brett about his memory for household tasks.

Dr. Bruce Bechtol makes his return to the program to talk with Brett about the American solider who defected to North Korea as he was supposed to return to the United States and in our final hour we’re joined by former North Carolina Governor and WBT contributor Pat McCrory to talk about the “No Labels” controversy that is continuing to garner attention.

Finally we talk with callers about the future of Social Security and talk with Bill McGinty to preview his show filling in for Brett Jensen on Breaking with Brett Jensen.