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Today on The Brett Winterble Show, Brett explains why he thinks this country has become obsessed with criminality after seeing the reaction on Twitter to the renaming of a college football rivalry.

The Red River Shootout, which is used to be the name of the annual matchup on the gridiron between Texas and Oklahoma, has been reverted to the “Red River Rivalry,” with some uninformed people on Twitter voicing their problems with the name.

Brett uses the reactions to talk about a story about some in Gen-Z ditching smart phones for older flip phones in order to help escape content and conversations like that about the Red River Shootout + he shares how he thinks people who really want to unplug themselves from social media should go about it.

He also takes the chance to share his thoughts on the way that many things are sensationalized on social media and why he agrees it can be good to get away from it + why just moving to a “dumb phone,” isn’t all it takes to get away.