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Scott Hamilton hosts his final show of the week filling in for Brett Jensen on Breaking with Brett Jensen!

We start things off talking about traffic in Charlotte caused by the Luke Combs concert as well as the economic impact Taylor Swift’s concerts are having on the cities she’s performing in + about three Pulitzer Prize cartoonists getting let go.

We’re joined by Raven Harrison to talks about her life story and the motivation behind her book “Raven’s Mantle: Fighting The Betrayal of America,” as well as hint at if she plans on running for office again in the future.

We’re also joined by Erica Perel, the director of the Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media UNC Chapel Hill, to talk about the dangers facing print media. Scott and Erica talk about how concerned people should be about the future of (especially local) journalism + why it is important for young journalists to be flexible and creative as they enter the industry.