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Get your weekend started here with this Friday edition of The Brett Winterble Show!

We get the program started with our weekly Friday Hangover with WBT host Pete Kaliner!  Pete and Brett start by talking about how they feel getting left out of the Good Morning BT beach broadcast + strategic language when debating issues.

Brett then explains what he sees as a “war on women and motherhood,” and shares his thoughts on Biden’s student loan forgiveness announced today.

We’re also joined by Bo Thompson from Good Morning BT to talk about this mornings broadcast from Beth Troutman’s father’s Myrtle Beach condo + why they versatility of all the people who work at WBT that made the trip possible.

Finally Rick Ungar, host of the “Rick Ungar Show,” drops by to talk about the writers and actors strike in Hollywood as well as the 2024 Presidential race.

Brett also talks about the relationships between his pet birds and pet cats with a caller.