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It’s the second Saturday of the month! That means it’s time to talk about your heating & cooling needs. Expert Zeke Costa, Owner of Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical joining The Home Depot’s John Gordon for 2 hours of advice from experienced, respected professionals.

Is there a proper balance for the temperature of your crawlspace verses the temp indoors? oh  Zeke give caller Pam the lowdown just before helping caller Buck regarding the importance of surge protectors for HVAC.

The Home Depot Product of the Week is the LED Husky Duel Power Adjustable Flashlight. Starting at around 30 bucks & with a range from 800 Lumins to 5000 Lumins, it’s versatility is simply without a match.

With the help of Acosta, Charlotte Comfort Systems & Dry Pro, The Home Depot Home Improvement Show with John & Dave has proudly served the area for over 25 years on WBT.