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North Carolina republicans have overridden Governor Coopers veto of Senate Bill 20. Reuters has more:

North Carolina Republican lawmakers overrode a veto by the state’s Democratic governor to enact a law on Tuesday that cuts the window for most abortions in the southern state from 20 to 12 weeks.

The law bans elective abortions after the first trimester, except in cases of rape, incest, life-limiting fetal anomalies and medical emergencies. It will curtail access to the procedure for millions of women across the U.S. South where a number of states have greatly restricted abortions.

Republican lawmakers were able to override the veto because they hold a supermajority of exactly three-fifths in each chamber, 72-48 in the House and 30-20 in the Senate. Before Governor Roy Cooper vetoed it, the measure whizzed through the legislature in early May in fewer than 48 hours with party line votes.

Also, illegal immigration starting to take a toll on U.S. cities after the expiration of Title 42. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program.

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