Gov. Roy Cooper

In a post on his Longleaf Politics substack, Andrew Dunn writes about North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s appearance on a CBS News program, where the two-term Democrat easily and smoothly insulted Republicans. If anybody still views Gov. Roy Cooper as a friendly, gentle, moderate politician, watching his recent interview with CBS News’s Major Garrett would certainly disabuse them of […]

King Charles III delivers his first speech to the people of the United Kingdom, after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. In North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper has cultivated an image as a moderate, but Patrick Gleason at Forbes outlines how the overreaching chief executive has been governing as anything but: Roy Cooper […]

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s Emergency Declaration is finally expiring – after 888 days. The Governor has said his E.D. was needed to get federal money. Plus, how the Green New Deal turned into the Inflation Reduction Act.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed a bill that would help deport violent offenders saying it would make communities less safe. In another veto, he criticized the legislature for trying to make political appointments to an education board… that’s currently appointed by the State Board of Education… which he appoints. He also rejected a grace […]

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper quietly lifts his emergency declaration – one of the last in America to do so. Also, he vetoed legislation that would have required Sheriffs to help federal authorities deport unauthorized immigrants arrested for violent felonies.

President Biden met with Democratic governors last week to discuss how to “protect abortion access.” NC Gov. Roy Cooper soon announced an executive order with that focus. Today, Biden did the same.

North Carolina Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson spoke at the NRA event over the weekend, prompting political attacks by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper – who called for new gun control laws.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper responded to the Texas school shooting by calling for new  laws aimed at limiting gun ownership in the state and nation.

Charlotte Democrats have their own “Never Trump Moment” in the upcoming Democratic primary. Will they prove that they’re better than the MAGA voters they mocked? Plus, NC Gov. Roy Cooper shows up in a ranking for potential nominees for President?! But why? Is Biden not going to make a re-election bid?

In this hour, Pete introduces the newest member of the WBT team, Beth Troutman. He also discusses Governor Roy Cooper and what he’s done for NC.