Criticized by leftists and media (but, I repeat myself), the bussing of migrants from red border states to blue sanctuary cities has been a smashing success – as Democrat leaders are now making all the argument Republicans governors have been making. Listen Here:

A nation that doesn’t take it’s security seriously is not one that learned lessons about vulnerability from the 9/11 attacks. Listen Here:

North Carolina republicans have overridden Governor Coopers veto of Senate Bill 20. Reuters has more: North Carolina Republican lawmakers overrode a veto by the state’s Democratic governor to enact a law on Tuesday that cuts the window for most abortions in the southern state from 20 to 12 weeks. The law bans elective abortions after […]

Chad Adams talks about illegal immigration and the implications of bad policy. Listen Here:

If only we had time to prepare, maybe the US could have prevented the overwhelming swarm of humanity at the border that threatens to collapse the immigration system and bust government budgets all over the nation. Listen Here:

With Title 42 ending today, a large influx of illegal immigrants is expected in the coming days and weeks. Also, Vince discusses the Trump Town Hall and what it means for Donald Trump moving forward. Listen Here:

BlueAnon leftist conspiracy theorists think they have a real shot of getting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis charged with kidnapping or human trafficking for sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. But if bussing migrants around America without notifying the destination cities is human trafficking and kidnapping, then the Biden Administration is looking at tens of thousands of […]

Mob violence by hordes of youths at a local amusement park during a Halloween event is the latest sign of our culture of lawlessness. Another example is the unsecured border and the shipping of unauthorized immigrants around the country. Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, says too many Americans view enforcement […]

Vince discusses inflation and Joe Biden’s latest comments on the latest inflation figures. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now under criminal investigation after the latest Martha’s Vineyard stunt. The Washington Post reports: A Texas sheriff will investigate the flights arranged by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) to transport dozens of Venezuelan migrants from Texas to Martha’s […]

Just 72-hours after the US Vice President claimed the US border with Mexico was closed, two busloads of unauthorized immigrants to the Veep’s residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC. The buses were dispatched by Texas. Vice President Kamala Harris was appointed by President Joe Biden with addressing the ‘root causes’ of immigration. On […]