BlueAnon leftist conspiracy theorists think they have a real shot of getting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis charged with kidnapping or human trafficking for sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. But if bussing migrants around America without notifying the destination cities is human trafficking and kidnapping, then the Biden Administration is looking at tens of thousands of […]

Mob violence by hordes of youths at a local amusement park during a Halloween event is the latest sign of our culture of lawlessness. Another example is the unsecured border and the shipping of unauthorized immigrants around the country. Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, says too many Americans view enforcement […]

Vince discusses inflation and Joe Biden’s latest comments on the latest inflation figures. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now under criminal investigation after the latest Martha’s Vineyard stunt. The Washington Post reports: A Texas sheriff will investigate the flights arranged by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) to transport dozens of Venezuelan migrants from Texas to Martha’s […]

Just 72-hours after the US Vice President claimed the US border with Mexico was closed, two busloads of unauthorized immigrants to the Veep’s residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC. The buses were dispatched by Texas. Vice President Kamala Harris was appointed by President Joe Biden with addressing the ‘root causes’ of immigration. On […]

After being overwhelmed at the southern US border for over a year, Governors of Texas and Arizona began transporting unauthorized immigrants to Democrat-controlled cities that have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also sent a plane of 50 migrants to Martha’ Vineyard yesterday. These efforts prompted a backlash from Democrat politicians […]

Freight rail companies and unions have reached an agreement to avoid a strike that could have been catastrophic. The New York times reports: “Talks had stalled over a push for companies to improve working conditions, including allowing workers to take unpaid leave to visit physicians. The agreement grants that ability, giving workers one additional paid […]

In this hour, according to a recent poll, a majority of Americans agree, illegal immigration is a pressing issue. CNN is getting crushed in ratings. Also, the mainstream media bias is undeniable.

In this hour, Illegal immigration numbers continue to rise. Our justice system is seriously flawed. Also, more on the abortion debate.

Vince dives into the Hunter Biden investigation and the issue of illegal immigration facing America right now.

The Biden Administration looks like it’s going to use a fraud compensation program to wipe out billions of dollars in student loan debt – even though nobody was defrauded. Plus, we’re expecting huge increases in illegal immigration… because the pandemic is over.