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North Carolina redistricting was back in court yesterday. From The Center Square:

The North Carolina Supreme Court did not have the authority to invalidate maps created by the General Assembly for the state’s Senate and congressional districts, attorneys for legislative leaders argued Tuesday.

Republicans who control the General Assembly relied on the court’s instruction to craft legislative maps for the state House, Senate, and congressional districts. Phil Strach, representing the lawmakers, said the state Supreme Court had acted like Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown.

“Instead, now it’s going to be a holistic rule that’s going to be based on a bunch of expert reports that we the court will decide what the map will look like ultimately based on a constellation of standards that only we know,” Strach said. “That is not fair to the Legislature. That is uprooting the constitutional duty of redistricting from the Legislature.”

The proceedings serve as another step to confirm authority of map drawing with the General Assembly, per state statute, and not elected judges usurping that power. The justices in this rehearing do not have a deadline for decision.

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