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PALM BEACH, FL-NOVEMBER 8: Former President Donald Trump makes

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Former President Donald Trump announced he’s selling digital trading cards for $99 apiece.

Also, we need to get back to the moon and take all of its precious metals and resources! From Noah Rothman at Commentary:

It can also be produced by fusion reactions, but you need a functioning fusion reactor to create it. It’s an open question whether functioning tokamak reactors, if and when they come online, will consume more nuclear fuel than they produce. There is a solution to this conundrum: the isotope helium-3.

Known to science since at least 1988, this non-radioactive isotope is theoretically ideal for generating power in sustained fusion reactions. Unlike the hydrogen isotope Tritium, it produces no dangerous and high-energy neutrons when fused with deuterium atoms—only protons, which electromagnetic fields can contain. In addition to having important medical and industrial applications, helium-3 is a more efficient means of producing near-limitless power via fusion reactions.

While it likely does exist on Earth, this isotope is extremely sparse. Helium-3 floats along with the solar wind and does not survive long inside the Earth’s magnetic field. Owing to humanity’s present technological limits, it is harvestable, but only either with massive solar collectors in orbit or by collecting the helium-3 that accumulates on the lunar surface.

Strip-mining the top layer of lunar rock, siphoning out the helium-3, and transporting it back to Earth sounds science fictional, but no spacefaring nation is acting like it. In the first decade of this century, Russia maintained that the ultimate goal of its space program was a permanent lunar colony that would be engaged in helium-3 extraction. China has proven the concept by returning samples of the isotope to Earth with its Chang’e 5 lunar lander mission. In partnership with its domestic space agencies and the combined engineering genius of the developed world, America and its nascent private space-exploration industry is uniquely positioned to win the second race to the moon and harvest and exploit its natural resources. But it must summon the resolve to dedicate itself to that project.

Also, WBT hosts win 4 spots on Barrett News Media’s top 20 Radio Shows list.

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