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On this date in 1901:

Italian physicist and radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi succeeds in sending the first radio transmission across the Atlantic Ocean, disproving detractors who told him that the curvature of the earth would limit transmission to 200 miles or less. The message–simply the Morse-code signal for the letter “s”–traveled more than 2,000 miles from Poldhu in Cornwall, England, to Newfoundland, Canada.

A breakthrough in fusion energy production:

US government scientists have made a breakthrough in the pursuit of limitless, zero-carbon power by achieving a net energy gain in a fusion reaction for the first time, according to three people with knowledge of preliminary results from a recent experiment.

Physicists have since the 1950s sought to harness the fusion reaction that powers the sun, but no group had been able to produce more energy from the reaction than it consumes — a milestone known as net energy gain or target gain, which would help prove the process could provide a reliable, abundant alternative to fossil fuels and conventional nuclear energy.

The federal Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, which uses a process called inertial confinement fusion that involves bombarding a tiny pellet of hydrogen plasma with the world’s biggest laser, had achieved net energy gain in a fusion experiment in the past two weeks, the people said.

Lab meat maker coming to North Carolina:

A lab-grown meat company has chosen Wilson for its first U.S. manufacturing facility.

Future Meat Technologies, which does business as Believer Meats, will invest $123 million into a new 200,000-square-foot facility at Wilson Corporate Park. That will create up to 100 jobs, the company announced Wednesday.

Believer Meats was founded in 2018 by Yaakov Nahmias, and has been working on its product at a plant in Rehovot, Israel, since then. Now, the company is preparing to scale up production and launch its product in the U.S.

Can the Daily Wire turn Nashville into ‘conservative Hollywood’?

For years, the Daily Wire’s headquarters were in Los Angeles — the dream factory of coastal, liberal America. Then, in the fall of 2020, the company moved to Nashville, with the goal of expanding to become an all-you-can-eat buffet of conservative entertainment, complete with its own streaming platform and production house.

Many on the right believe that mainstream news and mainstream entertainment serve the same liberal agenda. In Nashville, the Daily Wire’s executives imagined, they could perform such a synthesis for the right.

Mr. Boreing isn’t shy about his “Succession”-size aspirations for the venture. During an interview in his office, where he keeps a collection of luxury watches in an oversize safe, Mr. Boreing compared himself to the media baron Rupert Murdoch.

“The difference between what I’m trying to do and what Rupert did,” Mr. Boreing said, “Is that I don’t want there to be a chasm between the missional purpose of the entertainment content and the news and commentary content,” as there was between 20th Century Fox and Fox News, before 20th Century Fox was acquired by the Walt Disney Company in 2019.

There are challenges. Nashville is an entertainment capital, but not for film or television. The politics of country music are complex, and the city itself votes blue. The Daily Wire’s production house is still under construction, as the company tries to construct an ad hoc conservative creative class in its new home.

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