President Biden Departs The White House For New Mexico

Source: Tasos Katopodis / Getty

President Joe Biden reprised his “Bidenchtag Fire” speech (minus the fascistic blood red aesthetic) last night, in an address that was not carried by any of the major TV networks. Biden attacked “MAGA Republicans” as threats to Democracy, in a last-ditch effort to convince voters to support Democrats in next week election.

Jim Geraghty at National Review writes:

Biden’s speech was repetitive and more than a little condescending, talking to Americans as if he was a high school principal reprimanding a bunch of misbehaving teenagers who had been caught fighting in the school parking lot. Biden reminded Americans, over and over again, that political violence was wrong, as if vast numbers of the people watching at home were on the verge of firebombing their neighbor because they put a yard sign for the other candidate. Biden offered once again the warning that certain candidates wanted to “take away your right to vote.” This is once again a reference to the Georgia voting law that Biden compared to Jim Crow, that so far has resulted in a record-high number of early voters. The same old stuff, served many times before, zapped in a microwave.

The speech was panned by Lincoln Brown, a self-described former lefitst:

[N]o one is buying ”MAGA Republicans” anymore. You’ve ridden said horse into the ground. It’s dead. Leave it be. It was not the vast majority of Republicans who stormed the Capitol on January 6. It wasn’t even the majority of people at the rally. But you just can’t leave it alone. Americans, sir, have been struggling with increasing crime under the watch of you and your counterparts, and they have very few tears left to shed for the protected class who, for a few hours out of one day, felt threatened. And frankly, sir, you and your party have trotted out the routine so many times that any dramatic value it may have had is lost on everyone but yourselves and your pet media. Nary a word from you about the sieges in cities by anarchists or the threats against a Supreme Court justice. You cry crocodile tears over J6 and talk about unifying a nation while finding any reason to raid the homes of abortion opponents and ignore the destruction of pregnancy centers.

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