We certainly all woke up on September the 11th and understood that demons demonically driven murderers could reach out anywhere in the world and kill innocent people. Well, earlier today, midafternoon over in Japan, we saw the assassination of Shinzo Ave. and Shinzo Abe A is the longest serving Prime Minister in Japan was the longest serving Prime Minister in Japan went out of office in 2020. That year of great tumult and change, and in the recent couple of years has been lending his voice of alarm to the Japanese people and to the rest of the world, on the threat that the Chinese Communist Party faces for civilized nations. And you have to understand something here. When I talk about China. I’m not talking about the people of China, I’m talking about the Chinese Communist Party, and they are they are anything but a civilized institution. The communists through history have meant nothing but misery and murder. And people that have affinity for them, I think are socially, psychologically and politically deranged beings. There is no upside to communism, there was only slavery, sub subjugation, murder and death. And so Shinzo Abe famously warned back in March of this year 2022. They had a very, very strong warning for Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. And he basically said to Joe Biden, you better man up and face the Chinese. You better man up and face the Chinese. That’s a big thing to say to an American president. Past American presidents might not have taken it well, might not have taken it well. And I don’t really recall any kind of a reaction at the White House because likely in March of 2022, we were focused on something totally different. As the reporting goes with, with Shinzo Ave, a truly great statesman and somebody who I think was a genuine friend to America. Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Ave spent much of the public effort in the months leading up to his assassination on Friday, advocating for and defending the nation of Taiwan against a potential Chinese invasion. outraging the Communist Party into threatening quote a bloodbath if he didn’t stop. I’ll be was prime minister from 2006 until until 2020, on and off country’s longest serving leader in the role he resigned in 2020. He had a longtime struggle with ulcerative colitis, and it curtailed his time in office. He died when an assassin named yamagami Tetsuya shot him twice with what reports indicate appeared to be a homemade firearm. He was the longtime leader of the conservative liberal Democratic Party, which for years advocated for China. I mean for Japan, to elevate its status as a defense power, including potentially establishing a proper military, all in response and reaction to what China has been trying to do for all of these decades in years. This was a very serious man who understood the stakes.