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President Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally At Reading Pennsylvania Airport

Source: MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images / Getty

A large collective of the United States has denounced the actions of Capitol rioters last week, including some of those in North Carolina.

According to data from the state Board of Elections and first reported by WTDV-TV, nearly 5,000 people in the state officially changed their political affiliation after the terrorist acts. A majority of those coming from the 2,879 registered Republicans who officially left the party from Jan. 6-11.

In the six-day span, Republicans had a net loss of 2,137 registered voters across The Tar Heel State. Out of those, a majority went towards claiming a no party status.

“More than 2,400 of those people switched to unaffiliated with 262 moving to the Democratic Party,” the report said.

A rebuke for both parties of government, but not as bad for the Democrats who lost 142 registered N.C. voters during the same time frame after the attack.

About 4,731 people changed their party affiliation since the day of the violence and isn’t like to alter the overall data of the more than 7 million registered voters in North Carolina.