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Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman

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Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman entire Monday, June 3rd, 2024 show.


6:05 Beth’s song of the day

6:20 Trump Verdict Fallout

6:35 Recap Of Trump Interview With Fox & Friends

6:50 RAM Biz Update; Cracker Barrel Looking At Making Changes To Bring In New Customers


7:05 Cracker Barrel Cont.

7:20 Toblerone Candy Bar With Caller Reed

7:35 Caitlin Clark In The Headlines After Rough Foul This Weekend

7:50 Guest: Brett Winterble – Trump Interview On FOX


8:05 Guest: Mick Mulvaney – Trump Verdict

8:20 Mick Mulvaney Cont.

8:35 Mick Mulvaney Cont.

8:50 Mick Mulvaney Cont. – Hunter Biden Trial


9:05 People Are Starting To Tip Less

9:20 Tipping Cont. w Callers

9:35 Tipping Cont. w Callers

9:50 Tipping Cont. and Show Wrap