Tune in here for the start of another week on the Vince Coakley Radio Program!

We get the show started by talking about the fallout from the guilty verdict in Donald Trump’s hush money trial last week and the impact the ruling is having on the Presidential race + why some voters are considering voting for him BECAUSE of the ruling despite not particularly liking him and how it makes the independent voters even more important in this election.


In the second half of the show Vince talks about Presidential polling numbers before and after the verdict. We’re also joined by Tara Servatius of “The Tara Show” on 98.9 WORD radio in Greeneville, South Carolina to talk about her prediction for the Democrats plan for the 2024 election and how the Trump verdict was part of it + what she expects the Democrats to do next.

Vince also talks about the Hunter Biden gun trial jury selection getting underway in Delaware + his thoughts on the messaging during Pride Month.