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Tune in here to this ​Thursday edition of Breaking With Brett Jensen!

Breaking Brett Jensen kicks the show off by talking about the NCGOP Convention and the big interviews he is hoping to get in the next few days as well as the most important topics he plans to cover with them.

Brett shares his interview with candidate for Secretary of State Chad Brown discussing what he plans to do if elected. One of his biggest topics of concern is expediting the antiquated systems that create excessive hoops to jump through when it comes to things such as creating an LLC and more.

Later in the show Brett is joined by Scott Hamilton from the WBT Newsroom to discuss license plate readers in Mooresville and how they help police officers locate stolen cars and track down criminals. Mooresville has more than 2,000 of these cameras used to identify these license plates across the county.

Listen here for all of this and more on Breaking With Brett Jensen.