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Charlotte Realtor Paul Jamison says you're not going to hear anything negative about the real estate market on this show. Paul and his office of agents have tips for staging your home before you put it on the market, advice on choosing a mortgage lender, and can share insight on finding great investment property opportunities. Each Saturday afternoon, Paul brings agents and other real estate professionals to the air for you to tap into their expertise of the Charlotte market.

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Lending Trends For 2018

Saturday, February 10th
Sandy Dickenson of Summit Funding joins Paul to discuss what to expect for mortgages in 2018, and answers to listener questions.

Mortgages and lending Changes

Saturday, January 20th
Josh Costner of The Costner Law Firm joins Paul to dicsuss changes to mortgages and answers listener real estate questions.

Timing Your Property Sales

Saturday, January 13th
Kerri Jamison of Jamison Real Estate, and Sandy Dickinson of Summit Funding join Paul to discuss mortgages and market timing.