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Ask Dr. Ernst: Weight Loss as a Side Effect

Lose weight, gotta lose weight. Must hit the gym. Must eat less. Lose weight, gotta lose weight. Must hit the gym. Must hit the gym. Must eat less. Lose weight, gotta lose weight…. It’s an endless cycle of guilt and shame and overthinking and worry and stressing ourselves out.

Ask Dr. Ernst: Guide to Intermittent Fasting

You might have heard the term “Intermittent Fasting” (or IF for short) recently. Even though this method of eating has been around for a long time, it’s starting to gain some traction in health and weight loss circles as of late. That’s why this is the perfect time for us to get you up to speed on this useful eating pattern.

Ask Dr. Ernst: The Winter Blues

Winter can be a tough season for some, particularly after all the hullaballoo surrounding Christmas and New Year dies down and we’re left with two or three months of cold, dreary weather. It can feel like a grind. “Just get through it!” we tell ourselves.”

Ask Dr. Ernst: The Awesome Power of "I Am"

As almost all people are good at heart, it’s safe to say that most people have good intentions. But, as the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” What gets in the way? Laziness, inertia, distraction, procrastination, taking the path of least resistance, negativity.

Ask Dr. Ernst: Alpha Lipoid Acid - Fight Diabetes & Disease

Sponsored Content by Dr. Aaron Ernst, D.C. D.PSc. Have you ever wondered why certain foods like Brussels sprouts, broccoli and spinach are so healthy for you?   Yes they are packed with fiber, nutrients & minerals your body needs, but they are exceptionally high in the antioxidant – alpha lipoic acid (ALA) Chances are you have…

Ask Dr. Ernst: Taking Healthcare Into Our Own Hands

by Dr. Aaron Ernst, D.C. D.PSc.   As a political topic, our healthcare “system” is about as controversial as anything else. As a doctor, it affects me in a few ways. I must occasionally be a patient as well. And my livelihood is a part of the “healthcare industry.” So naturally, I have spent some…

Ask Dr. Ernst: Cure Your Own Sinuses

Sponsored Content by By Dr. Sarah Ernst You’ve no doubt heard of the superbug; that hydra of the germ world, resistant to antibiotics, evolving and deadly. It is a creature of our own making, an evolutionary reaction to our overuse of antibiotics. And yet, when it comes to sinusitis (and a million other things), we’re…

Ask Dr. Ernst: 5 Belly Fat Busters to Make You Thin Again

Sponsored Content by Dr. Aaron Ernst, D.C. D.PSc. We’re all pretty clear that being overweight and/or obese is bad for your health—for a variety of reasons. But there’s an elephant in the room, and we might as well just be upfront: we all want to look good. We want those movie star, magazine cover abs…