Despite sunny forecast, South Carolina ordeal far from over

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- South Carolina was expecting sunshine Tuesday after days of inundation, but it will still take weeks for the state to return to normal after being pummeled by a historic rainstorm. Even as the rain tapered off, officials warned of the likelihood of new evacuations -- such as one ordered Monday afternoon in one of two towns east of downtown Columbia where two dams were breached.

The Latest: Power restored to thousands in South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- The latest on the rainstorm that pounded parts of the East Coast (all times local): 5:50 a.m. Power has been restored to thousands of residents drying out after torrential rains and flooding throughout South Carolina. South Carolina Electric and Gas says that less than 1,000 residents are without power early Tuesday. Duke Energy says only a handful of its customers are still waiting for electricity to come back on.

Father in Italy Sentenced for Reprimanding Son

(ROME, Italy) -- A court in northern Italy has given a father a one year, four month suspended sentence for the psychological mistreatment of his video game-addicted son. The father apparently berated his son, calling him a lazy ne'er do well and even threw his computer out the window. The 55-year-old fisher told the court he was at his wits' end because his son had failed high school three times.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Paint Scheme for 2016 Revealed

(NEW YORK) -- Hendrick Motorsports on Monday revealed the paint scheme Dale Earnhardt Jr. will use for a Sprint Cup Series race next season. The No. 88 car will be mostly red and prominently feature the brand. Earnhardt told a fan on Twitter that the inspiration for the design was the paint scheme his late father Dale Earnhardt Sr. used in 1987 for his No. 3 car. TaxSlayer.

Top EU court rules data sharing pact with US invalid

LUXEMBOURG (AP) -- The European Union's highest court ruled Tuesday that an agreement that allows companies to freely transfer data to the U.S. is invalid as it does not adequately protect consumers. The verdict could have far-reaching implications for companies operating in Europe. It does not ban the transfer of data but will allow national authorities to review what kinds of information companies want to send to the U.S., possibly complicating business.

Why Did Emily Blunt Really Become a US Citizen?

(NEW YORK) -- Emily Blunt   is finally coming clean on why she decided to become a U.S. citizen earlier this year.  "It's mainly for tax reasons," Blunt told the U.K.'s Sunday Times' Style magazine. "I didn't want to renounce my Queen." Blunt said the process required much effort. "You have to learn all about the Constitution.

Python Attacks Reptile Shop Owner

(NEWPORT, Ky.) -- A large python attacked a man at a reptile shop in Newport, Kentucky on Monday. The shop's owner, Terry Wilkins, is in critical condition after a 20-foot, 125 pound python attacked and wrapped itself around him, reports ABC News affiliate WCPO-TV . When police officers arrived at the scene, one of the officers was able to unwrap the snake from Wilkins and was able to get it back into a cage.