South Carolina flood: Door-to-door searches, swamped roads

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- Days of torrential rains kept much of South Carolina and its capital gripped by floodwaters early Monday as emergency responders promised renewed door-to-door searches for anyone still trapped after a weekend deluge and hundreds of rescues. At least seven weather-related deaths have been blamed on the vast rainstorm.

The Latest on storms: Record rainfall in South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- The latest on the rainstorm that is pounding parts of the East Coast (all times local): 8:15 a.m. Floodwaters are starting to recede in Charleston, one of the areas hardest hit as days of torrential rain gripped South Carolina. But public schools and government offices in Charleston remained closed Monday. City officials say about 30 streets and intersections are still closed because of standing water.

Floods in Southeastern France Kill at Least 17

(NEW YORK)  -- At least 17 people are dead after devastating storms and flooding in southeastern France, according to the BBC . The storms and heavy rain hit the region on Saturday night. Many died in underground car parks as well as in tunnels as the waters continued to rise, says BBC News. Three elderly people died at their retirement from the floods.

Kevin Harvick Wins at Dover to Keep Championship Hopes Alive

(DOVER, Del.) -- Kevin Harvick advanced to the second round of the Sprint Cup Series' Chase on Sunday with a win at Dover International Speedway. He led 354 laps in taking the AAA 400 in Dover, Delaware. The defending Cup champ is now part of the 12-driver "Contender Round" of NASCAR's playoffs.

Cost of Student Loans Decreasing College Applications

(NEW YORK) -- A new study indicates that the fear of paying back student loans is reducing the number of students applying to college. According to , more than 75 percent of admissions directors believe the high cost of education is cutting down applications.

The Twitter follow lists of the 2016 candidates

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Jeb Bush follows Donald Trump on Twitter but that's a one-way street: Trump mainly follows people with a connection to himself. Ted Cruz's follow list is a big tea party, though he keeps an eye on President Barack Obama, too.

"Fear the Walking Dead" Finale Recap: 'The Good Man'

(NEW YORK) -- The first season finale of  Fear the Walking Dead  opens with the blowback from Daniel's torturing of Cpl. Adams: Travis blasts Maddie for allowing Daniel to do it, and Ofelia is disgusted by her father's actions. Still, after Travis frees the soldier, they, Alicia, and Chris mount up to rescue their loved ones from the military compound.

How Hillary Clinton Plans to Tackle Gun Control

(MANCHESTER, N.H.) -- Less than one week after the deadly shooting at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, Hillary Clinton is set to propose a series of gun control measures she would enact if elected president, her campaign said Monday.